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today is tuesday, september 7th. i'm andrea roane. angie goff is here with traffic. she says no major problems right now but just get ready. howard bernstein is here. no problems at all with today's forecast, especially after a glorious weekend. >> no, just a little on the warm side and may want to leave for work in the next two to three minutes to beat the rush. >> don't scare them too much. >> okay, four or five minutes. talk about what is happening outside. great weather. we got up to 87 but so dry it didn't feel that warm. this morning some showers spilled in to last night. but nothing near us. we need some rain. nothing is coming here today. there's a front coming tomorrow but rain chances with that are fairly slim. temperatures have fallen to the 50s in a few spots in the mountains but a warmer looking map than it was 24 hours ago. locally 63 sterling and reston. fairfax is 71. columbia and laurel 62. crofton and andrews air force
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base 83 and springfield and brandywine are 88 along with arlington. manassas 64 and dc 69. 70 reagan national. going to 84 by noon and 88 at 5:00. topping off at 90 with south winds ten miles an hour. front tomorrow, we have a cool down and a chance of rain in the seven-day forecast. i will let you know when that will happen with when i see you in a few minutes. right now time for traffic. hope you are off to a terrific tuesday. we begin in maryland and looks like everyone is doing fine. nice quiet commute out of frederick past 121 to the split. our next stop moves us to virginia. 66 eastbound. everyone is fine this way. moving at speed. moving to the maps the beltway in virginia, drivers are okay from the wilson bridge past 95, past brad took to 66. 395 lanes are wide open past duke street to inside the beltway. finally we will call it a wrap
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in northeast dc. everyone is moving. there's just a few drivers out here on inbound new york avenue past bladensburg road. back to you. we have a commuter alert for riders who take the red line to work. metro's tacoma, silver spring, forest glen, wheaton and glenmont are scheduled to reopen in 30 minutes. the stations were shut down during the holiday weekend so workers could replace track, rail switches and new tunnel safety lights. new heater tape was also installed to help rail conditions during the winter. it's back to work this morning for discovery channel employees nearly a week after a deadly standoff. last wednesday, police say james lee walked in to the silver spring building and fired as by toll sparking the lockdown. he took three people hostage including the building's security guard. s.w.a.t. team members eventually moved in and shot lee to death after he threatened the hostages. the building has been closed
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since then. today marks the beginning of the school year for most students in virginia including alexandria, arlington, fairfax, loudoun and prince william counties. fairfax county is the largest school system in the area with 170,000 students. and some children will be heading back to construction sites. beach tree elementary in falls church is undergoing a major expansion and renovation. the principal says the whole ordeal will be worth it in the end when they have a new facility. for students across the region it is a mixture of anxiety and excitement. >> who's excited? >> i don't have to do football every day. >> tired of football? so you are excited about studying and home work and reading and writing and math? >> no [ laughter ] >> coming up at 5:00 a.m., we will have a live report from the first day of school in fairfax county, virginia. in other news this morning,
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jim graham is coming under political attack. over the weekend the ward one resident started to receive anonymous automated phone calls blasting graham but both of graham's opponents have denied having anything to do with it. graham's campaign says it is working with police, the fbi and fcc to get to the bottom of it. dc officials say 6,700 people took advantage of early voting over the weekend. mayor fenty is facing a strong challenge from vincent gray in the primary. the election will decide who becomes mayor since no republican is running. coming up in the 6:00 hour, bruce johnson talks one on one with mayor fenty about his campaign strategy. president obama is back in the white house today. he has meetings scheduled with vice president biden, secretary of state hillary clinton and alternate secretary general. but as tara energier in
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reports, the president is repairing to hit the road to pitch more fixes for the economy. >> reporter: the white house is putting the finishing touches on a tax plan it hopes will help businesses to add jobs. tomorrow president obama is expected to unveil the incentives that will allow businesses to write off new investments through 2011. the potential savings $200 billion. >> i will fight every single day, every single hour. every single minute to turn this economy around. >> reporter: monday the president rolled out a $50 billion program to create jobs, rebuilding the nation's roads, railways and runways. he assured a milwaukee crowd this plan will not add to the federal deficit. >> this is a plan that will be fully paid for. >> reporter: but republicans are skeptical. gop pleaders say the last thing the nation needs is more government stimulus spending. president obama blasted
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republicans on monday, blaming their policies for triggering a recession and their proposed solutions for making the economy worse. >> when it comes to just about everything we have done to strengthen our middle cal -- middle class and rebuild the economy, almost every republican in congress says no. >> reporter: with mid-term elections weeks away, some political observers say even democrats may have a tough time supporting any new plan associated with spending. >> at the end of the day it probably won't pass congress and if it does it won't create jobs until next year, long after the mid-term elections. >> reporter: and long after the battle for control of congress is over. tara mergener, cbs news, washington. what appears to be an accidental fire caused widespread panic at tysons corner center. three cars were destroyed and five others were damaged. the maze started in the parking garage in front of nordstroms.
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no one was injured. a barn fire killed more than two dozen racehorses in charlestown, west virginia. many of the animals were saved by people who risked their own lives. right now the cause of the fire is unknown. however, yesterday's blaze caused more than $1 million in damage to the barn and the value of the horses killed is unknown. >> it was like a towering inferno. you could see the timbers through the stalls. there was horses still kicking in there. >> reporter: a firefighter and a casino employee suffered smoke exhaustion. both have been treated and released from jefferson memorial hospital. an environmental activist who wants plastic bags banned set up an eye catching display at dupont circle. it is made of 45,000 plastic bags. he says this represents the number of plastic bags an average american uses in a lifetime. >> the main point of doing this
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is to show that there isn't a magical place called away. when you throw your trash on the curb it doesn't disappear. plastic pags last 500 to 1,000 years in nature and most people use them for an hour, a week at the most. so the message is we are using a lot and look at it and think about it, is it really necessary that we use this much? >> reporter: keller plans to set up the display across from the washington monument. he has been traveling across the country to promote his cause. our time is 4 listen 38. next when the news continues the market is bracing for a consumer credit report from the federal reserve. see how that could affect today's tone on wall street. we'll be right back. mmmm.
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it is angie with realtime traffic early this tuesday coming up. time for the first "living $mart" report of the morning. investors are hoping that wall picks up where it left off during the last day of trading before the labor day holiday and football fans dig deep for tickets this season. catherine brown shows how deep. traders are bracing for a busy week and looking for a winning streak on wall street. president obama will unveil plans to give the economy a boost when he gives a speech in cleveland tomorrow. stocks soared leading in to the holiday weekend. the dow closed up 128 points and gained 3% over the week. the nasdaq added 33. the federal reserve will release its report on consumer credit on wednesday, and investors are keeping a close eye on that. the numbers measure how much debt americans are in, and can have a major impact on the markets. facebook is trying to move
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in on a twitter turf. it is towing a subscribe feature that will allow user to follow friends or certain pages more closely. it is in a testing phase and it is not known when it might be launched. tough times or not, college football fans are ready to pay up. according to a survey from, fans will fork over $460 for tickets on average to watch the university of florida take on the bulldogs. 519 for the michigan ohio state game and $583 to see notre dame versus army in yankees stadium. that's the money watch report. for more business headlines, go to cbs "marketwatch".com. we are shaking our heads over those prices. fire crews out west spent the night battling the massive blaze that destroyed dozens of homes, including some belonging
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to first responders. a little late summer heat. back to work and school. and we will have the bus stop forecast and when cooler weather will be coming this way. 9 news now returns in just a
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it's time for a mayor who will end the cronyism and bring our city together. vince gray. his economic development plan will help expand small businesses and create jobs. his record of reform and accomplishments earned him the praise of newspapers across the city, citing gray's leadership and efforts to pass education reform and expand early childhood education. vince gray -- he cares. he listens. he'll be a leader we can trust and the mayor we need for one city.
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a wind driven firefighter had crews running for cover. flames attacked the blaze from the air dropping fire retardant. some of the homes belonged to firefighters battling the blaze. >> there were homes that were lost that did belong to firefighters that were here working this afternoon. they have been notified and released from the incident. >> reporter: at this point, no word of any injuries and more planes have been called to help put out the fire. sad to see the dry conditions there and we have dry conditions here. >> a .3 inches is the deficit -- 5.3 inches is the deficit. be careful until we get some rain around here which may not happen until sunday. >> wow. >> we really need some rain.
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we have had none officially for the month of september and today will be another nice day. >> i like it. >> it is good and bad. it is nice. the for this tuesday morning, clear and mild. 60s and 70s. if the kids want to wear shorts or sleeveless today, let them. it will be a warm afternoon. sun is up at 6:42. and then looking at the day at a glance, mid-80s for lunchtime. good recess weather. 5:00 p.m. 88 degrees. and air quality today is code yellow. those highs will be around 90. clear to partly cloudy on the. like we are this morning, mid- 60s to lower 70s. not as cool as yesterday morning but not bad. tomorrow a front comes through. maybe a 20% chance of a shower, but we will call it mostly sunny and hot. highs around 90. west winds 10 to 15 and gusting to 20 miles an hour at times during the afternoon. mid-60s at andrews, 70 on the bay. 72 southern maryland.
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58 orange. that's one of the cool spot. stanton 55 and leesburg 63. martinsburg 60. cumberland and petersburg in the 50s at 57 degrees and 68 in hagerstown. national is 70. partly cloudy skies. dew point is creeping up. now in the lower 60s and the relative humidity is 70% and the winds have changed direction. yesterday morning north northeast, today south southwest. so more humidity coming in ahead of the cold front here. this front is bringing cooler weather and showers to the northern plains but until it passes we are on the warm side of the equation so far and that's today and tomorrow before the cooldown on thursday an friday. lack at the showers the northern plains in to ontario here and then there's hermine. it has almost an eye here as it moves northwest at a good clip up through south texas. 2:00 advisory had tropical storm inland. winds 60 miles an hour, moving north northwest at 14.
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it will move north and west and weaken over central and west texas in to western oklahoma on wednesday. kansas city by thursday. and if we are lucky some of that moisture gets caught up in the next system and that's what i'm thinking may be here for sunday. we are watching a cold front near chicago. it will move east. today no problems. winds westerly, going out to indianapolis, maybe to memphis, western kentucky will see showers and thunderstorms. tomorrow, here's the front. 5:00 a.m. look at it through central p.a.
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kind of warm to hot today and tomorrow. around 90. breezy tomorrow. 78 on thursday. 79 on friday. a great finish to the work school week. 83 on saturday. . happy tuesday, angie. has it started yet? >> no. the terrible tuesday has not started but a gad mind set when you leave the house. keep in mind fairfax county schools are back on the roads today. extra buses and maybe the short cuts throughout the neighborhood won't be to short considering all the stops that will be made. talk about the outer loop. no incidents or accidents to report. moving to virginia, next we will take you to the maps, route 4, branch avenue, crane highway, these are all clear n. to dc we go, one smooth ride is what we are looking at. and 395 northbound we are finding everyone is at speed past 95 up to shirlington.
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and speaking of 95, that's where we wrap it up, live from the prince william parkway, we are moving well to the mixing bowl. back to you. >> thank you, angie. in the health alert, researchers are considering using blood tests to determine which type of drug may best lower a patient's high blood pressure. hypertension affects one in three american adults. three studies show some drugs work better for certain people. those results may lead doctors to test patients for a hormone that could indicate which type of treatment would work best. young children who don't get enough sleep may be more likely to put on too many pounds later in life. they found instants and preschoolers who don't get enough sleep at night are at an increased risk for becoming overweight or obese and the study showed napping was no substitute for quality night time sleep. peanuts were among the most common allergies they can
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trigger severe and potentially deadly reaction. 1.8million americans with peanut allergies live with the threat of reactions. but as byron pitts reports, feeding the patients a small dose of peanuts could actually cure their allergy. >> the mere sight of a peanut used to spark fear in this 11- year-old. >> i knew that if i had peanuts i could very well die. >> reporter: up to 200 deaths a year are caused by food allergies, most due to peanuts. his mother took no chances. >> what kind of change did you have to make? >> we had to change where we ate, at restaurants. if we did go out we had to speak to the chef. >> reporter: even trace amounts must be avoided. >> takes as little as 100th of a peanut to cause a life-ending reaction wherever but research is showing the culprit may also be the cure. the experimental treatment called oral immunotherapy uses
4:52 am
peanuts to build up tolerance. starting with the question equivalent of 1/1,000th of a peanut they eat it on a daily basis. >> and build up to a higher december and that goes on for six to eight months and at some point the system changes so they no longer have reactions. >> reporter: nine of the 12 children with peanut allergies that ate increasing amounts daily can now eat unlimited amount of peanuts. in a separate study, 18 children on treatment could tolerate 15 peanuts before developing symptoms. after participating in the duke study, j.p. is no longer deathly allergic for peanuts. for now a handful of peanut m&ms is his daily medicine. >> you can eat peanuts as much as you want? >> yep. it is very helpful. >> reporter: while the results are encouraging, there is no guarantee the allergy is gone for good. >> we don't know long term that
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it will go away and that's where the studies are concentrating on now. >> reporter: experts warn it should not be tried atom. researchers say this time of therapy goes beyond peanuts. the same approach is being tested for allergies to milk and eggs. byron pitts, cbs news, door ram, north carolina. the time is 4:53. coming up next, find out why this man is banging his head on the hood of his peckup truck. why police got involved and why he could be facing i've got power pain can't mess with.
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(announcer) new icy hot power gel. relief that's icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. and no mess. new icy hot power gel. don't mess around with pain. new information from a bar fight investigation in san
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antonio, texas and it is caught on tape. the alleged victim says he was beaten up in the parking lot while management just looked on, but the owners say the man beat himself up and they have this video to move it. take a look. >> punch the car so injuries to his hands and we see him beat his head on the car, injuries to his face. >> an attorney for the club says the alleged victim got drunk, was escorted out the door and told to leave. surveillance video shows the man apparently proceeded to hurt himself in plain view of club employees. a day of fun along a river in virginia -- california turned in to a rescue mission. i happened in san jose when the 19-year-old victim became stuck along a rock in the river. they tried to reach him by boat and climbing out to the rock. both were too risky so they hoisted him to safety with the sheriffs helicopter. he was not hurt. another woman has been attacked by an acid throwing
4:57 am
feel, the second such incident in a week. the latest assault took place in mesa, arizona. the 41-year-old mother of five says it came out of nowhere. >> there was a woman walking up, you know, from the backside of my car. she had what i thought was a glass of water in her hand and she stopped abruptly and looked at me and just threw it in my face. >> reporter: she was left with severe burns on her face, neck and along her arms. the incident eeriely similar to one that happened in washington. then she was attacked as she left her car and again a female stranger was throwing acid. thousands came out to watch virginia tech face off against boise state on monday. both programs appear to have risen to the top with no public cheating scandals behind them. this fact stands out given news from north carolina where this weekend unc had to play without
4:58 am
13 players deemed ineligible and it b.i.g. begs the question, can you win without cheating? brittany morehouse digs in to that debate. >> many college football fans here admire the school. >> i think it is great they don't have any blemishes. >> i think they have the same pressure that division one teams have but they have done it the right way. >> he has always had a prestigious program. you can do it the right way. >> the pressure caught up to the university of north carolina, one in a list of college athletic programs dating back to who knows how long. >> you go back to the ' 90s with unlv and some players being paid by agent and that stuff came out 15 years later. >> scandals and cheating and paying players. >> i went to a school where they had a problem with illegal
4:59 am
recruiting for a while. >> bending 0 the rules is happening almost everywhere. >> reporter: chris johnson says the broncos have a great track record so far. >> you have to look a boise state and nothing has come up. he has had issues and got rid of the bad apples. >> that doesn't mean there are skeptics that say the rule bending maybe hasn't been uncovered but either way, the temptation is getting worse. >> it is big business now and there's a lot of money tied in to these coach's contracts and athletic and unfortunately all of it lends itself to shady practices these days. >> brittany morehouse, 9 news now. angie will have the traffic in a moment. hopefully it is not a terrible tuesday for travel. but howard bernstein has a terrific look at the forecast. >> it is early, though. it

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